Dr.Shahid Abbas founded Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Centre in Islamabad to treat the allergy and allergy related problems in the patients like nasal congestion, eye redness, soreness, sneezing, wheezing, coughing, joint pains, intestinal allergies, skin rashes / irritation, itching, yeast or candida infections, mood swings, hyperactivity, learning problems, aggressiveness in children, attention deficit disorders, fatigue, depression and loss of short term memory.

The PAAIS was established in 2003 in Islamabad. Constitution and By-Laws were registered in Islamabad in 2003. The main aim was promote the highest possible standards of teaching, study and research among those engaged in the practice of Allergy, Immunology, Transplant Immunology and related diseases.

Institute of Allergy and Clinical Immunology of Bangladesh (IACIB) is a Non-Government Nonprofit Organization registered under Ministry of Social Welfare & NGO Affairs Bureau Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. IACIB is led by its founder Prof. Dr. Moazzem Hossain, Professor of Microbiology and Immunology. IACIB has 21 General members with 7 members of its Executive Committee. Dr. Moazzem Hossain, Chairman IACIB, is a specialist in Microbiology, Immunology & Biotechnology with long experience in operation of Govt. & NGO projects. He worked in Directorate General of Health Service, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare as Director Disease Control for long. He received the ‘Vestergaard Frandsen Award 2011’ from the National Academy of Vectors and Vector Borne Diseases, India for the South East Asian region for his outstanding contributions in the field of communicable diseases control in Bangladesh. His work has been appreciated by various national and international bodies. The Goal of IACIB is Prevention and control of infectious diseases mainly Filariasis, Malaria, Leishmaniasis, Rabies, HIV / AIDS & STD, Vector Control, Control of Environmental diseases including Tobacco Control, management of asthma & other allergic diseases etc.

Recent Patents on Inflammation & Allergy Drug Discovery publishes review and research articles that reflect or deal with studies in relation to a patent, application of reported patents in a study, discussion of comparison of results regarding application of a given patent, etc., and also guest edited thematic issues on recent patents in the field of inflammation and allergy drug discovery e.g. on novel bioactive compounds, analogs and targets. A selection of important and recent patents in the field is also included in the journal. The journal is essential reading for all researchers involved in inflammation and allergy drug design and discovery. The journal also covers recent research (where patents have been registered) in fast emerging therapeutic areas/targets & therapeutic agents related to inflammation and allergy drug discovery.