Immunotherapy is one of the preventive treatment method employed against allergy and other immune disorders like asthma, rhinitis, cancer etc. The method involves several types depending on the causes and action for example either the method can prompt the immune system or just provide components and support the immune system. Immunotherapy used to treat cancer is cancer immunotherapy, to treat allergy is allergy immunotherapy, to treat allergic asthma is Asthma allergy immunotherapy, to treat food allergy is food allergy immunotherapy,  to treat peanut allergy is peanut allergy immunotherapy. It can be activated, suppressed, helminthic, subcutaneous, sublingual and adjuvant immunotherapy.


  • Activation Immunotherapy
  • Suppression Immunotherapy
  • Helminthic Immunotherapy
  • Allergy immunotherapy
  • Subcutaneous immunotherapy (Allergy shots)
  • Sublingual immunotherapy
  • Allergen immunotherapy (Desensitisation)
  • Autologous immune enhancement therapy
  • Stem cells based immunotherapy
  • Tumour immunotherapy
  • Others

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