Anaphylaxis and Asthma

A life-changing antipathetic response caused by exposure to an allergen like venom, food, or drug is known as anaphylaxis. Utmost cases are caused by a freak sting or eating foods that are known to beget disinclinations, like peanuts or tree nuts. Anaphylaxis results in series symptoms, including a rash, low palpitation, and shock, which is known as anaphylactic shock. Asthma is a persisting seditious complaint of the airways of the lungs. Asthma is generally caused by a combination of inheritable and environmental factors. Environmental factors involve exposure to air pollution and allergens. It's characterized by varying and recreating symptoms, reversible tailwind inhibition, and fluently touched off bronchospasms.

  • Nocturnal asthma
  • Exercise- convinced asthma
  • Antipathetic asthma

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March 28-29, 2024

38th International Conference on Immunology

Dubai, UAE

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