Immune System and Antipathetic responses

Immune system involves antibodies, white blood cells, mast cells, proteins and other substances fight against antigens (foreign substances). Still, in susceptible people, the vulnerable system can exaggerate when exposed to certain substances like allergens in the terrain, foods, or medicines, which aren't dangerous in utmost people. The result is an antipathetic response. Antipathetic responses are hyperactive responses of the vulnerable system to generally non-toxic substances. When vulnerable cells act against the allergenic protein, IgE antibodies are generated; this is homogenous to the vulnerable system's response to foreign pathogens. The IgE antibodies fete the allergenic proteins as dangerous and instigate the antipathetic response. Severe antipathetic responses results in following symptoms

  • Abdominal cramping
  • Heart pulsations
  • Diarrhoea

Related Conference of Immune System and Antipathetic responses

March 28-29, 2024

38th International Conference on Immunology

Dubai, UAE

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